1.Schooling in American society


How does contemporary American schooling reflect societys values or priorities? Please analyze and discuss a particular case example for this paper. You may analyze another specific statement, school, policy or program, current-day or historical, of your choice regarding the mask mandate, critical race theory in schools, transgender students, and sports, for example. Please evaluate your case material according to our course readings on what societies want and get from their schools. What would one or two of the authors we have read so far say in response to your chosen case, if they could?

From professor

Students are assigned a series of 4 critical memos, each of which should be 3-5 double-spaced pages in length (not including references). Please post a copy of each memo to the corresponding assignment section of BBL on the assignments due date by the time at which it is due. Please use Microsoft Word software to create your memos and post them as an attachment so that I can comment on them using track changes  Please cite all of your sources in APA, Chicago, or MLA styles at the end of your memo. Each memo should consist of an introduction and 3 key parts: summary, application of concepts or theories from class and course readings, and your critical evaluation.


Because you are conducting analysis and reaching your own original conclusions, I ask that you include a thesis statement in your papers introduction paragraph (I paragraph).


Then, I ask that you summarize the source materials (whether an authors argument, a policy or practice, depending on the assignment and the material you are using), that you discuss in your memo. Please summarize your source material briefly, describing its main argument(s), central point(s), and/or issues that directly pertain to your memo. This summary should concisely orient the reader to the material you are considering in this paper. It should be a minor part of your paper compared to the other components (from 2 paragraphs to 1 page at the very most).


Once you have clearly and succinctly summarized the materials to which you refer in this memo, please apply your selected concepts, theories or perspectives from class and course readings to the material you have already introduced. How do these help you to interpret and understand this material? What can you see in this material through the lens that these concepts, theories, or perspectives provide? Interesting issues or opportunities? Obvious contradictions or problems? A good or poor fit? An opportunity to extend or challenge the concept or theory? A hidden solution?


Third, and most important, is your critical analysis of the written material that you cite. This part of your memo builds upon the application of concepts and theories as discussed above. Please provide your own analysis of and reaction to the work. It is fine to say that you liked or disliked whatever you are analyzing (the point of view, policy, document, etc.), but that is not sufficient for these assignments. Please offer your own thoughtful analysis of what you have read based on the perspectives you have gained through steps 1 and 2 of this assignment. This analysis will ideally be reflected in your papers thesis paragraph (at the beginning of the paper).


I will grade your memos according to the presence and quality of the three components discussed above (summary: 20%; application of perspectives, concepts or theories: 30%; and critical analysis, 30%). In addition, I will also evaluate the strength of your writing, including organization, clarity and conventions of writing (e.g., spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, punctuation), worth 20% of each memos grade. The rubric I will use for evaluating your assignments follows below.