100% (GOOD RATED) Analyze the claim that sport in the media is extremely unbalanced in regard to sex/gender and explore how the invisibility of female athletes in the media can be resolved

Critical Research Assignment: Essay

Length and general requirements: Seven pages of double line spaced writing + APA references page (eight pages in total)

one-inch margins all around each page, numbered pages, no underline or boldface, 12pt Times New Roman

thesis-based essay structure required; research required; analysis expected, drawing on and elaborating themes and key concepts from the course with the aid of research sources;
no direct quotations; length limit strictly
observed your assignment will not be read beyond the first eight pages and the grade will be based solely on these pages.

Grading criteria: Clarity of thesis statement; quality of analysis; correct APA in-text citations and references page;
use of six outside sources of the three required types(government, media and book); effective organization of information according to essay structure; appropriate grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and format.

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