100% (GOOD RATED) Anthropology/ What can be learned about Language

What can be learned about Language from this week’s material?

This week’s material is about Language.

Part 1: Reflect on 2 aspects of this week’s material you learned this week (at least 6 sentences)
All material for this week are provided in files and links below:

Radio podcast:

Another radio podcast on the relationship between language and perception/thought.  Here, an anthropologist discusses her experience among an Australian Aboriginal group whose members solely employ cardinal directions in communication with one another.  You only need to listen to the last few minutes for this one.  Begin at 11 minutes and 30 seconds, and listen from there.  

Part 2:Respond to one student’s post with 2-3 short sentences (the student’s post is not yet available until Part 1 is uploaded)

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