100% (GOOD RATED) Business Management/ Newspaper industry introduction

An introduction for a report on the Newspaper Industry is needed. 

Please just focus of the newspaper industry from a business(firm) perspective by giving an overview of current trends. This is an introduction to the report. 

The overview of the whole report and the guidelines are below: Newspaper industry introduction


The industry aspect of the report consists of researching and analyzing an assigned industry: Newspaper Industry. The firm aspect report consists of researching and analyzing an assigned firm in the industry. The report will be broadly evaluated on incisive analysis, the application of appropriate concepts and frameworks, and the logic of arguments (qualitative and quantitative).


The main purpose of the projects is to develop your ability to analyze the current trends of an industry and based on these projections identify the future direction of the industry. In addition, it is expected that you will able to generate a strategic plan for the firm assigned to you and use the industry analysis ideas in your strategic plan. The plan should be clear, comprehensive, and forward-looking.  The plan should focus on specific strategic decisions (i.e., problems or opportunities) facing the company and conclude with a set of strategic recommendations.



Statement of Purpose state the purpose of your project and define the industry. Let the reader know in advance the specific issue you will address as well as what issues you will not address and why, relative to firms in the industry. A little bit of the history of the industry and what path it has traveled to be where it is today. What issues does the industry face today? and why? 

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