100% (GOOD RATED) Choose a personal goal for yourself that must be completed

Assignment Overview: Choose a personal goal for yourself that must be completed by the end of April and create a document that chronicles your steps along the way. Use both writing and visuals to produce a creative final draft. 

The personal goal must require multiple steps, otherwise it will not work for this assignment. 

Projects will contain the following sections:

Introduction/Overview: State your goal, why you chose it, what challenges await you, and what you hope to gain by completing your goal. 

Body/Steps in the Plan: (at least five separate pages (or installments), 300 words minimum per installment):

  1. This part of your project requires graphics, tables, photos, artwork, or another kind of visual enhancement. Minimum requirements: one visual per section. You should use your own photos or artwork. 
  2. Each of the five separate sections should be written in intervals. You should determine when you will write each of the installments.
  3. Use descriptive details to narrate about your progression toward your goal.
  4. Use chronological organization unless you have a compelling reason to organize your project differently. 

Conclusion/Wrap-Up: In the conclusion of your writing project, wrap-up the process you went through to complete your goal. Did you achieve your desired outcomes? What did you learn by going through this process?

Approach: There are a variety of ways you could approach the format of your writing project.  The most common is to set-up your project as if it were a blog (see sample projects on D2L). If this format does not work for your personal goal, please email your instructor to discuss your idea for an alternative format. 

Audience: The general public. Imagine that your project will be published and widely distributed.

Purpose: to set a personal goal, document the multiple steps, and communicate your experience to a wide audience

Grading: The project must be clearly defined, well-developed, and logically organized. It must utilize art, photos, graphics, or other visuals as a way to enhance the writing. Students must edit carefully for lapses in grammar, mechanics, spelling, formatting, and tone. 

Avoiding Plagiarism: The entire project must be written by you. If you borrow any information from an outside source, including the internet, print sources, or someone else’s project, you must provide correct MLA documentation. If you use anyone else’s ideas, words, paragraphs, photos, or images, you must acknowledge the author, artist, or website where you found the information with both an in-text citation and a Works Cited section at the end of your project. 

Note: Your writing project is not a “how-to” paper that explains how someone else can complete a goal. Your assignment is to set a personal goal and communicate the steps you took along the way to achieve it. 

Some possible areas where you could set an attainable, measurable goal:

            Learning a new skill                            Expanding your knowledge on a specific topic

            Organizing something                         Building something     

            Preparing for a physical challenge      Creating a good habit

            Changing a bad habit                          Learning to cook five new dishes

            Changing spending habits                   Becoming more creative

            Starting a physical fitness routine       Becoming a better student


Some ideas for Pre-Writing: 

Spend 10 minutes brainstorming for an idea.

Spend 10 minutes freewriting on your topic.

Spend 10 minutes brainstorming how you can use images in your project.

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