100% (GOOD RATED) Create a materials and resources glossary

You will create a materials and resources glossary on topics you would like to learn more about. You are required to describe, define, and find examples of 50 materials. Using your textbook and other sources (product companies, other texts, online resources, trade associations, etc) write a concise definition or description of the product and include additional product information as suggested below. Select the information you think will be the most useful for an interior designer to know at‐a‐glance about this product/material. Depending on the material topic, the information will vary.

Grading: This file project is worth a total of 250 Points (Five points for each example. You will be graded on Craftsmanship, Quality, & Content. Proof read and fact check each page. Make a copy of each of the selections you have selected. Keep them into your note book, or file folder.

 Format: Attached at the end of this document is an example page, you can adjust the page to meet your needs; however, you are to keep an 8 ½” x 11” portrait format page, with 10 11 pt. Calibri font for the bulk of your content information.

You will submit these together as a pdf file, saved as materials file & last name. (Example: Materials file: JONES) One page is recommended, 2 pages max. per topic. Include material or page numbering.

 Include the following information where applicable:

o Applications/Typical Use

o General Product Information/Product Description/Manufacturing methods

o Finishes/Durability/Wear ability Considerations

o Maintenance

o Health, Safety and Welfare and Code Considerations: (Off Gassing & IAQ, Codes & Safety

features/considerations, fire ratings, testing methods, etc.)

o How is it sold (case, slab, yard, piece, custom order/fabrication, etc.)? Cost where applicable: Low, Moderate, High, (I.e. low to moderate, moderate to high, high)

o Sustainability Factors

o Related Trade Association or Manufacturers Websites (where applicable: at least 2 sites.)

o At least two photos of the material/product or application of the material/product (good quality & color photos must included the web url from where they came from, in small type below the photo)

o Cite where you found your information: i.e. information obtained from: Manufacturer’s website, Textbook, etc.)The file will be available once you accept the order.

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