100% (GOOD RATED) Early American Colony

Write a 2+ page paper about one (1) of the early American Colonies. Please choose only one (1) colony to research (you will not receive extra points for writing about more than one of the colonies). Include, at minimum, the following information but feel free to add additional information from your research.

  • Who settled that colony? Are there any other notable figures?
  • What was the economic source?
  • Describe the early interaction with Native Americans
  • Describe daily life such as religion, political structure, clothing, food, etc.
  • What happened to that colony?

Be specific in your examples and cite all sources.  The textbook can be a source, but you will need more information than is found in the text, so plan to include at least two (2) additional academic sources. Citations need to be in APA format.

Grading Criteria:

  • Format: Typed, double-spaced, 12-pt font, 1” margins, proper citation, minimum 2 full pages. (500+ words) 5 points
  • Content: Detailed description & explanation of the colony, as well as an analysis of their place in early American history. Good incorporation of research into paper (minimum 3 sources).  15 points
  • Quality: Good organization & prose: Introduction and conclusion, clear transitions, avoidance of repetition, good grammar and sentence structure.  5 points

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