100% (GOOD RATED) Important facts and stakeholders in the case

In class, we talked about the ethics of dying and futile care about which we touched upon neonatal care. Medical ethics has many really difficult problems because the stakes are so high. Recently in Michigan, a mother decided against taking part in a clinical trial that could have saved her life because her pregnancy was incompatible with the trial criterion. Focus only on the initial decision about the case, i.e. refusing care to save her baby. While the mother’s decision was religiously based, analyze the situation using the ethical tools from class.

An article about it is here although you can find other information: 

You are welcome to find other sources of information. 

1) Assess the important facts and stakeholders in the case?

2) What are the alternatives?

3) Assess the alternatives using ethical approaches that you think apply to this case (e.g. autonomy, utilitarianism, duty) and the prioritization of the stakeholders affected by the choice.

2nd reflection due March 18 10:00AM, 450-500 words (the assignment is still locked but it will open March 13, I’ll send you the prompt by then) 

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