100% (GOOD RATED) Justice entry

Overall, the justice entry serves two purposes. First, it is a place where students can work through the main approaches to justice introduced in the course. Second, the entries in the justice entry will allow students to apply and assess these perspectives as they pertain to three separate and unique case examples chosen by the professor.

Description:    The goal of each entry is to apply one assigned approach of justice (this entry is Kant) introduced in class to a case example posted by the professor. There are two goals of each entry. First, each entry must demonstrate comprehension of the approach to justice introduced in class. This includes understanding what can be applied to the case example and what might be more challenging. Second, each entry will challenge students to think in critical ways about the perspective on justice as it pertains to the case example in question. Each entry should conclude with an assessment of how persuasive the respective approach to justice is when applied to the sample topic.

The following points should be covered in the justice entry:

  1. Identify and briefly explain the form of justice/perspective on justice and its core assumptions.
  2. Identify and explain the aspects of the form of justice/perspective on justice that are relevant to the case example. (E.g. Explain how the form of justice can be applied to the case example in question).
  3. Assess the form of justice. (E.g. In your mind, what does the perspective offer that is satisfactory or unsatisfactory in terms of outcomes?  Explain whether the perspective falls short or seems imperfect when applied to the case example in question).

(Sections 2 and 3 should be more detailed and analytical.  This is where you demonstrate the challenges of applying each form of justice to the case example and assess it as it pertains to the case example in question).


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