100% (GOOD RATED) Miracle and Resurrection


People have serious issues with Christianity. You do not need to be told this, as your experience may have alerted you to this fact long before you studied the alarming cultural trends of Late Modernism or addressed the accusations of intolerance, repression, and exclusivity from a friend in previous conversations. Still, you should be a bit more comfortable and better prepared to deal with these defeaters now; you will turn your attention to another common set of criticisms: the supernatural is a myth, miracles cannot be proven, the Bible is untrustworthy, and resurrection is impossible. Simple enough, yes? This type of philosophical naturalism and its implications are pervasive in Western culture, and the Christian apologist must be prepared to respond. Quoting Scripture at someone who struggles in this area is a non-starter so you will have to rely on your trusty friend the Inside Out method, which will enable you to address criticisms of skeptics like David Hume and work up to the Minimal Facts approach of Dr. Habermas, all while keeping your cool and hopefully winning a friend and a brother or sister in Christ.

The friend you were talking to in the Inside Out Essay Paper is more open to Christianity now. However, they are still having trouble believing in miracles in general and the resurrection in particular. In this essay, make the most persuasive case you can to your secular friend. Keep in mind that if they do not believe in miracles, they likely do not believe in the Bible either so quoting verses alone might not help. However, use the Bible as a historical document to argue for the historicity of the resurrection. You must also be aware of your audience as well. Learn to meet them where they are (Inside/Out) and bring them along. Guidelines to follow include:

  • Paper length of approximately 1000 1200 words (not including title and bibliography pages) submitted in a Word document
  • Turabian format (review the Sample Paper for a great guide)
  • At least three (3) citations from scholarly/academic sources, in addition to citations from Apologetics at the Cross and the Bible, for a minimum of five (5) references 
  • Acceptable sources include scholarly journals, books, articles, and other published works
    • Have a clear organization and relevant use of academic sources; integrate them in an organic and useful way instead of “tacking them on” to meet a requirement
    • Avoid simply stringing quotes together at length, as this is not an effective way to persuade a friend
  • Though a hypothetical conversation is used in the prompt, this is still meant to be a formal paper so first-person, and a conversational back-and-forth style are to be avoided.


You are also encouraged to view the Writing Style Guide located in the Student Responsibilities tab of the Course Overview. Once you access the Student Responsibilities area, scroll down to locate the link to the Writing Style Guide. You will then visit the official style guides Turabian) required in formulating your assignment.


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