100% (GOOD RATED) Participating in classroom discussion is paramount to the learning experience

Participating in classroom discussion is paramount to the learning experience. Participating in the weekly discussions allows students and instructors to share experiences, investigate complicated subject matter, share expertise, and examine the content from new perspectives. The qualitative participation requirements are: 

• Follow-up responses to classmates’ initial answers or responses that integrate course theories with a practical application of the subject, offering a personal observation or experience, or referencing real-world examples, current events, or presenting current research on the topic. 

• Classroom interaction demonstrating deeper or broader thoughts beyond rephrasing what the textbook has presented on the topic

. • Responses encouraging further discussion and ongoing dialogue with other students and the instructor in the class.

 • Asking additional, relevant questions about the week’s topic. 

• Communications that are presented in a professional and supportive manner, and with respectful tone. Substantive posts are when you add to the discussion, relate an experience or literature that adds to or illustrates the topic under discussion. References are expected and all references must be formatted following APA 7th edition guidelines. Templates and guidelines can be found in the Writing Center through your Online Student Success Center

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