100% (GOOD RATED) Race, Protests & Cityscapes (Black Lives Matter)

This week’s readings address critical and contemporary issues in relation to race and space, primarily in Global North cities where Black persons have been subject to harmful responses to both occupying space, as in a restaurant, and in protest. The trial in “Mangrove” was significant because it was the first case in England to recognize racially different treatment. Given the theories of popular culture presented earlier in the semester, consider the following questions in an essay that refers to at least 4 of your materials in the last two weeks:

Do you consider Black Lives Matter as representative of popular culture? Regardless of your perspective, what role has social media played in the increased awareness of Black Lives Matters and the issues they have brought to the forefront?

Amazon prime, a corporate entity, that has been criticized for its poor treatment of employees The series “Small Axe” including the film, “Small Axe” was produced by Amazon. Do you consider these series or the film an example of popular culture? Address why the series release occurred in the last few months and its relation to contemporary protests and issues around race and policing of them.

Finally respond to the Frankfurt’s School basic critique of popular culture as problematic in relation to how protest, race, and policing has become a topical issue. The Frankfurt School perspective is seeing a re-emergence with the political upheaval over the last few years. Given your reading thus far in the semester, why do you think that is? Take some time to think about it and share your reflection.


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