100% (GOOD RATED) Social Science/Describe your piece of visual evidence

What’s key with this step is that your image be visible to all students. Students have little time and don’t click on image links — so avoid these! Unless the image is instantly viewable in your Initial Post along with your answers, students won’t comment on your image in their responses and the Discussion.


Identification: Name your visual evidence and provide the year in which it was made. Also, provide its maker. Knowing the maker is important!


Description: Describe your piece of visual evidence in about 250 words. Slow down and actually see the image in all its detail. Remember that seeing is a skill. Be careless of nothing and dissect the image in detail so that another, unable to view the image, would be able to form a clear and memorable mental picture of it.


Analysis: Now provide the historical context for your visual evidence by drawing on the assigned reading. Impress us with your knowledge of the reading. Ask yourself 1. What does that context tell us about this image? 2. What does the image tell us about the time in which it was created (i.e., the context)? That is, why is your image historically significant? Be specific and do the image justice.


Why This Image: Why did you choose this particular image? I mean, you had thousands to choose from. So why this ONE?

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