100% (GOOD RATED)Chemistry/ Titration Experiment

Your lab assignment presentation involves putting together a PowerPoint to show other students how to  perform titration. In other words, your presentation can be used to show other students (next term), how  they can perform titration by following your instructions and calculations.

To do this presentation (minimum of 6 slides, in Power Point Format), we are providing you with an acid,  acetic acid HC2H3O2  and the base (NaOH), and you will use phenolphthalein as an indicator. You will  create a mock titration experiment and use given hypothetical date (volume of vinegar, Molarity of NaOH and volume of NaOH fore three trials) to solve the titration calculations. At the end of your presentation,  you will calculate (1) the unknown concentration of the acetic acid (Molarity) and (2) the % mass/vol of  the vinegar solution. 

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