Technology has opened the door for flexibility within the workplace. Assume that I am your manager, write a memo convincing me to implement workplace flexibility in our business. You can decide what type of business we have, I would suggest using the type of job that you hope to have once you finish your degree. Make sure to provide research that supports your arguments. Included in your memo should be a specific request for the type of flexibility that you desire, explain how that will work within your office, and make sure to address any potential problems and how they would be dealt with. You need to convince me that it is a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Your references/sources should support your argument.  Show me that this has worked for other companies (name the company specifically) and explain the benefits to the company.

Assignment Format:

Memo:  May use templates from Microsoft and personalize or customize or create your own memo style.

References:  Assignment requires research to support your memo.  Must have at least three references/sources; documented on the Reference Page utilizing APA style, 7th edition.

Length: Should be at least 1-3 pages in length not including the Reference Page.  You may write in the first person for this assignment.