Having refreshed your knowledge of how to produce a Project Risk Management Plan with your colleagues, Bill Baumbas now wants your consulting team to prepare training for his project managers that are focused on the details of creating a Project Risk Management Plan. Prepare PowerPoint visual aids, about twelve to fifteen slides, for a training session for Bill’s project managers that will equip them to work with you and your team to develop a risk management plan for the LSDS project to partner with Jupiter Systems for developing and deploying an operating system for Jupiter routers that LSDS will deploy as described in the project description.  Since you will not be able to present live in the virtual space, use the speaker notes section of your PowerPoint visual aids to “voice”, “script”, or “record” what you would say to your audience.  Your last slide should be a References slide with APA formatted references, and you should use APA formatted citations of your references in the text of your speaker notes.

Submition instrctions:

Review the directions carefully, consider all of your options, and provide details with explanations. Defend your work with examples and references, and make sure your work reflects graduate-level writing.
All assignments are expected to adhere to APA formatting standards (references and citations), reflect high-level of scholarship, use correct grammar, and reflect critical thinking and problem-solving skills.