3-2 Journal: Business Combinations

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In this course, journal activities allow you to simulate actual activities in the field of finance. For example, you are asked to create emails related to specific scenarios. The sender, recipient, and subject line for these emails are not a focus of this activity. Instead, this activity focuses on the substance within the body of the email itself.
Prompt: Prior to completing this activity, review the articles 5 Types of Company Mergers, The Advantages of Business Combinations, and When Retailers Make Strange Bedfellows. In this scenario, imagine that you are the financial manager of a major corporation. The CEO has asked you to explain the reasons to consider different types of business combinations, and ways to structure them (joint ventures, mergers, strategic alliances, and more). You, as the financial manager, should compose an email with this explanation. Assume the CEO is not a finance expert.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Explain the reasons to consider different types of business combinations.

Describe different ways to structure business combinations.

Utilize vocabulary and explanations suitable for a non-expert in finance to understand the communication.

Guidelines for Submission: Your journal assignment must be 56 paragraphs in length and must address all of the critical elements. Your assignment should use
at least two sources cited in APA format. Consider using required readings as well as recent news articles.

Links to articles: 


When Retailers Make Strange Bedfellows