4 question need in History quiz need in 1 hr

answer each of the four (4) questions in 2-4 sentences.

“What hath god wrought.” These words ushered in a new era in technology and communication. Using your readings and lectures, provide two examples of how the telegraph, steamboat, or other specific technological innovation influenced American society in the antebellum United States.

We discussed three elements, or innovations in communications development in the 19th century before the American Civil War. Name the three innovations, explain which one you think relied the most on innovation, and why.

In Stowe v. Thomas (1853), the question was raised of whether a translation counted as a new text or belonged to the original writer. Taking into account the political message of Uncle Toms Cabin, argue in a paragraph either for or against translation as an innovation.

We discussed two photographers in class, one in the Civil War and one in the Gilded Age (1880s), who argued for copyright protections in photographs. Name each of the photographers and give one example of how they each justified an intellectual property (IP) claim in photographs.