5-10 slide power point-Order now from essaywritingagents.com

5-10 slide power point-Order now from essaywritingagents.com
For this assignment, you will be creating your own  style of video presentation. TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, technology – you name it! TED Talks are to stir your curiosity.
TED Talks come in a variety of lengths. For this assignment, you will create a video at least 5 minutes in length but no longer than 10 minutes.
Choose the topic of your video around the marketing strategies used to create and communicate customer value. Use the course  and course Learning Outcomes listed on the syllabus as possible points of interest. These videos are to seek a deeper understanding of the wonderful world of marketing. Let us build our MGMT 311 community of “curious souls to engage with ideas and each other” as TED puts it. Together we make great ideas accessible and spark conversation! Try to connect the theory to practice, if possible. Based on your experience, you can perhaps share with us some practical solutions from working life reflecting the theoretical framework(s) and marketing processes described in the course text.
Requirements: 5-10 slides 
topic i would suggest is social media marketing for companies unless you have something
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