5 Image montage

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you dont need to read the whole play just narrow it down on how you vision the play would be and create the presentation from there using the following questions below then i will take it from there. i uploaded a pdf file of the play.
5 Image Montage:
After reading your first play for the class, create five images that best illustrate the narrative of the play.
Breaking down this exercise:

Each image must have at least the presence of body of person (you or an actor, actors) or part of a body (a hand, a foot, a forehead etc.)
The images must be in the chronological narrative order of the play, describing the main events that stand out to you.
Remember, images are still and usually having no movement or sound. But they could incorporate text in any form you see that fits with your montage concept.
Focus on the main objectives for the main characters and the central conflict in each act.
Keep in mind that these presentations will follow the form of a 2D Zoom rectangle. It is different from how we would do things in a live setting (on a stage, in a room, in a park etc..) However, thinking about mise-en-scene (where elements are arranged in the image) is crucially important…So think about depth foreground/background, scale of things in the frame.
Bonus points for: Using getting creative with camera effects, filter effects, background effects and any form of digital effects if it used creatively and appropriately to your montage concept.

Remember to rehearse your presentation of these images and keep it short, maximum 5 minutes. You will lose points if your Montage is too long or not well presented rehearsed (technical difficulties do not count in this)