6/13 due week2-Order now from essaywritingagents.com

6/13 due week2-Order now from essaywritingagents.com
Critical Evaluations of Research
You have been taught the components of good and bad research questions, as well as those of null and experimental hypotheses.
Using the South University Online Library, select two articles. Summarize each article by writing short paragraphs and making sure to avoid plagiarizing. After each summary, critically evaluate each research question by discussing its strengths and weaknesses and making suggestions on how it could be improved.
Next, use the South University Online Library to find two additional articles (you may not use the ones you used earlier in this assignment), one with a null hypothesis and the other with an experimental hypothesis. Compare and contrast these hypotheses and the ensuing research that resulted from them.
Compile your work in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document.
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