7.1 NUR 640

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As advanced practice nurses, you will be called upon to participate as leaders in decision making about health policy. That participation may include development and implementation of health policy at the local, state, and federal levels. Completion of this assignment will assist you in obtaining the beginning-level knowledge and skills to participate in health policy development in your future advanced nursing practice.

Assignment Guidelines

Topic ChoiceCompleted in Week 5

Identify a health topic/area of need in your community, your state, or the nation. (You may not select a topic in your work setting.) How does your selected health initiative play a role in the health of the people of your community?

Health need topics can include:

  • Nutritious school lunches
  • Obesity
  • Inactivity
  • Immunizations
  • School nurses
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • School health for children with diabetes or asthma
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) practice
  • Medical marijuana
  • Barriers to healthcare access
  • Changing the practice law for nurse practitioners
  • Nurse practitioner rural independent practice in your state (or another state)
  • Rural telemedicine
  • E-cigarette usage in adolescents
  • Food allergies in schools

This is just a sampling; the topics are too numerous to mention them all. Think about your nursing experiences and your knowledge of healthcare systems when choosing your topic.

Clearly identify the topic of the health initiative and why you chose it. Include the population you wish to address. Identify data and/or public policy to support your choice. 

Organizing the Paper

Items to be addressed in your paper:

  • Provide two outcomes you wish to achieve. Be specific and make sure they are measurable. See Smart Objectives (Links to an external site.) for assistance.
  • Specifically identify what criteria you will use to know that the outcomes were met.
  • Write a clear and specific plan to address this health initiative using the following criteria:
    • How will you notify the public/concerned parties that there is a problem? For example, if you choose to write a letter to the editor or to your congressperson, what will you put in the letter?
    • Will anyone assist you in developing or implementing your initiative? If yes, be specific about their roles.
    • Will you seek input from any group of people?
    • What specifics are involved in your plan (for example, an article for a paper, presentation at church, discussion at a parent/teacher meeting)?


The paper should have a maximum 10 pages, including title and reference pages. The use of APA style is required.

You must have a minimum of five references (may not be older than five years):

  • No more than two from websites (Appropriate websites are only those that end in .org, .gov, or .edu.)
  • At least one research article
  • At least two professional nursing journal articles

When preparing your references, double-check that the DOI (if used) is correct. Also check that the URLs for journals are correct.