A essay on the U.S Welfare policy

Mid-term essay is due by Sunday 3/13/2022 by midnight
Please submit as an attached word file in the Assignment area
SLO1: Analyze and evaluate the conflict, rapid change, and ambiguities in our society.
1. Description
Write a 3-4 page paper (no longer than 4 please; not including the cover/title and
reference page) on a topic that interests you from chapters 1-8. Write about something
you didn’t know before you took this class, something you knew very little about, or
something that particularly interests you. Try to be fairly specific with your topic since it’s
a rather short essay. I am leaving this open so that you write about a topic that excites

2. Outline
Here is a suggested outline of how to write your paper:
A. Give a general, brief overview/statement of the main topic being discussed.
B. Give any history or theories available about the topic
C. Describe the main points you want to cover in the body of the paper.
D. Summarize the main points.
E. Discuss any concerns/questions for the future (areas for further exploration)
3. References
Use at least 3 scholarly, academic and credible references for your paper and
site them both within the body of the paper and also at the end of your paper under the
title of References. Please make sure at least 1 of the 3 references is not a website.
The paper should be typed and formatted in APA style (double-spaced, with 1-inch
margins, and in 12 point font). Please be sure to also include a cover page and a
reference page in addition to the minimum page requirements. Please submit the paper
as an attached word file or pdf file, not a pages file please.