A global issue


Goal: Research a current global issue, its concerned parties, what is being done to address it, and identify additional possible solutions

Role: Journalist

Audience: Community members / Activists / International Organizations

Situations: The world is currently facing many global issues. You have been appointed to provide background on the issue and current efforts to address it, classify the victims, perpetrators, allies and bystanders for your issue, and provide possible solutions


Product: Power Point Presentation/Prezi/ Canva




1. Describe a global issue (importance, relevance, key characteristics/background information)

2. Identify victims, perpetrators, allies, bystanders

3. Discuss how activists are addressing the issue you must provide an article from at least one reliable source to support your assertions (APA cited)

4. Evaluate, in your opinion, the effectiveness of current activist efforts

5. Suggest further steps that could be taken to help solve the issue.


Make sure to include:

Title slide

At least 1 slide for each component depicting details through information, graphs/pictures and key words

At least 3 relevant pictures/graphs in your presentation that contribute to