A Journal Review Essay

Paperguidelines: 6-10 pages, formatted in the most current MLA or APA style. To complete this assignment, you areto examine TWO current issues of ONE peer-reviewed journal in your field ofstudy. This paper should be written primarily in aformal style in the third person; however, you may use the first person whenappropriate.
Thispaper is, in essence, a comparison paper. You will be reading the essays todetermine what they have in common, and those common traits will be the focus ofyour paper.
Theintroduction of the Journal Review should begin by identifying the name of thejournal and providing background information necessary for your reader to understand the focus of the journal. Most journals will have websitesthat will give you information about where it is published, how long it hasbeen published, its target audience, what kind of research it focuseson, etc. Those are the details that you should include in your introduction.
Yourthesis and essay map should identify at least FIVE traits/characteristics common between the essays you read. Again, remember that you are not reading to learn the essays’ information but to discover common patterns and traits that the essays share.Because journals vary so widely, there is no comprehensive list oftraits/characteristics you can discuss, depending on what journal youselect and what you discover.  However,one element you must discuss in your Journal Review is the PublicationGuideline the journal expects authors to follow when they submit an essay forpublication. It is up to you to define the other four or moretraits/characteristics you will be writing about.  In the past, students have written about the formality of language; style; tone; structure; jargon; figurative language;illustrations; charts and figures; type of research conducted; andrepresentation of data. Your essay map will include the submission guidelinesand the four (or more) characteristics you choose to write about.
One bigmistake students often make organizing their paper essay by essay; do NOTuse this pattern to organize your paper, or you will have to rewrite and lose valuable time. Your body paragraphs should instead focus on the traitslisted in your essay map. For example, choose to write about jargon asone of the traits. You should have a paragraph that begins with a topic, the sentence about jargon supported by examples of jargon used in severalessays, and your discussion of each example.
A secondmistake students frequently make simply listing their examples with nodiscussion about them.  It would help if you never had back-to-back quotations in your papers. Instead, you should provide anexample and then discuss it for a sentence or two before moving on to the nextexample.
A thirdmistake that students make in this assignment is limiting their discussion toonly a handful of essays from their journals. I am asking you to look at aminimum of 10-15 articles for a reason; this gives you a broad pool to select examples to discuss in each paragraph. Do not limit yourself by onlyreferring to 2 or 3 essays throughout the paper; you should be using the bestexamples of each trait/characteristic that you find throughout the two issuesof the journal. You do not necessarily have to use ALL of the essays, but it isexpected that you will use a fair number of them.
Lastly,A fourth mistake that is common in this assignment is forgetting to put all ofthe essays used in the paper on the Reference or Works Cited page.  Students also often forget to includeother sources they used, such as the journals webpage, on their References orWorks Cited pages.