A Poem about Death

I would have to say that the speaker does not view death as an end or even something that we should dread.  The speaker appears to be welcoming death with happiness and it appears that the speaker views death as the beginning of something greater, the transition into the afterlife.  The afterlife, a place of happiness and the arrival to this place should be celebrated. 

Although this poem is about impending death, I found it to be less serious than some of the other poems that we have read.   This poem was short and to the point.  This poem was easier to read and understand.  While reading the speakers words, I caught myself smiling.  The words brought about happy thoughts while reading rather than doom and gloom.  It did not make me feel sad or sorry for the speaker.   I believe that the speaker intended to make his impending death less serious and to leave those around him with happy thoughts.  Rather than mourn his loss, the goal appears to be to rejoice in the thought of a wonderful afterlife for him that would be filled with a celebration and the happiness of a new life. 

I believe that the speaker had come to terms with his impending death and sounded as though he was prepared for his impending death.  It appears that he is welcoming death and that he is anticipating moving on to a happier place, the afterlife.  He comes across as being unafraid of dying and of the afterlife. He is anticipating a celebration once he reaches the afterlife and was hoping to have some wine to help him celebrate his arrival once he reaches the other side.  The afterlife appears to be a place that promises happier times for the speaker and a place to look forward to.  The speaker appears to have a good sense of humor and kept things lighthearted.