A Psychological Analysis of the Film Zootopia

You are expected to write a paper – which should be between 12 and 15 pages (or as long as necessary to completely address all the elements of your analysis) – about the film Zootopia.  You are to compose your paper as a Microsoft WORD file (NOT a PDF, text, or Google Docs file), and submit it as an attachment to the “Final Exam” assignment in Moodle.

To “analyze” this film is to provide a detailed examination of the elements or structure of something, typically as a basis for discussion or interpretation: describe the process of separating something into its constituent elements; and, in the final step, when everything has been considered, suggest that analysis statements express the basic truth about the complexity of ideas in the film.
To “evaluate” this film is to form an idea of the amount, number, or value of pieces of the film you did in your analysis. To evaluate these parts of the film and its characters, you need to make decisions about what is important and valid about the psychological elements of the film and what is not. The expectation is that you will clearly draw conclusions about the facts in your analysis.
To “create” or “synthesize” information in this film is to combine ideas you have found in the analysis and the evaluation to form a theory or a system of understanding about the material. The emphasis here is on developing, and stating clearly, the new information you have found about human psychology as a result of watching, analyzing and evaluating the psychological content of the film.

With regard to these steps, I expect that your paper will fully and directly explain how you have analyzed, evaluated, and created new knowledge for yourself in terms of the larger implications of your work for understanding human psychology better.
From that point of view, it is possible for you to provide a psychological analysis of the film and its characters that will reveal your understanding of the material we have covered in this course. I expect you will provide an analysis of the characters and the situations in the film that utilizes your knowledge, understanding, evaluation and creativity (synthesis) of major principles of psychology we have studied in the entire course. Using psychological terms, theories, principles, research findings, and narrative language you have learned throughout the course will usually result in a higher grade.
I expect that you will cover a few of the areas we have worked on in the course to analyze the film. In that respect then, you might cover any of the following major themes in the film that parallel the work we have done regarding human thought and behavior in the class:

Nature and Nurture
Mind and Body
Consciousness and Altered States
Life and Death
Change and Constancy
Love and Hate
Isolation and Connection
Mental Illness
Personality Disorders
Treatment and Recovery

How you organize your paper will be up to you. It would be acceptable to organize it according to the above topics, but you could also have a flowing narrative that brings in all the elements in a wide discussion of each theme. If you watch it on a computer, it would even be possible for you to provide screen shots of a scene that you feel represents a particularly important point you want to make in your analysis.
I do not want you to just write a plot summary: I will mark down papers significantly that ONLY provide a description of the action or talk in general terms as if you were providing a review of the movie for someone to watch. I have watched the film… I do not need a synopsis of it. A true psychological analysis of the film will briefly mention elements of the plot and how the characters interact but will only have those things as background to illuminate and support the psychological processes that are happening throughout the film.
There are hundreds of reviews and commentaries on the internet about this film. I STRONGLY urge you to avoid using any content from the internet or other review sources of this film for your paper. In fact, it would be best if you DID NOT go to a review page of the film before you write your own paper so as to not influence your personal thoughts and feelings about the film. You should know that it is remarkably easy to determine whether your written work is your own or that of another person: Anti-plagiarizing checking tools are available to me and may be used to verify the originality of your work. Any resemblance in your paper of the literal or paraphrased content from any other writer or provider – internet, term paper mills, published commentaries, the work of other students, or other forms not mentioned in this paragraph – without having a true source for the item will be considered as having been plagiarized. If it is determined that any part of your work is plagiarized, you will receive a zero (0) as a grade for the exam.
In that same regard, you must watch this film alone, not discuss your ideas with any other student, and write your paper without any help from anyone either in or outside of this course. Any suggestion, either obtained by me directly through a comparison of your work to that of others or learning through any other source that you have not complied with this paragraph, will result in an automatic and irreversible grade of zero (0) for the exam.
Your paper ought to be a scholarly work that uses the themes of this course and psychological language you have learned from the text and readings. It is not a paper aimed at a general audience: Rather, it is aimed at providing evidence that you watched the film and that you understand the psychological implications of how the characters manifest thoughts and behaviors like those humans might have in similar situations.
Therefore, I am not interested in your UNINFORMED opinion. I am interested in your INFORMED opinion, i.e., I want to learn not only what you analyze about the themes you see in the movie, but also support your evaluation of that analysis with references to either the text, readings, videos, or lectures that you have experienced in your work throughout the course. You must use  for presenting citations within the body of the work as well as for the reference page of sources at the end of the paper.