academic and social impacts of parental incarceration on young children ***only scholarly writers please Researcher writers only, this assignment requires scholarly work. 1.Topic (broad statement of

academic and social impacts of parental incarceration on young children***only scholarly writers pleaseResearcher writers only, this assignment requires scholarly work.1.Topic (broad statement of topic)2. An identification of the problem space3.The background of the study (150 words)4.A single sentence problem statement.5.Indicate if the study is quantitative or qualitative 150 words6. Include 30 peer review journal articles7.How topic aligns with your degree (125words)8. 250 word abstract9. Introduction to studyThe introduction section is used to develop the significance of the proposed studyand describing how it is new or different from other studies and how it advances knowledge and practice or addresses something that is not already known or understood within a particular context or problem space. Include the developed purpose statement.Use the proposed study every time you refer to the study being created. The study or this study can be confused with other studies you may be discussing.ALL APA scholarly journal articles are dated in the last 5 years. Please include throughout the assignment 30 peer-review journal articles dated in the last 20 years.10. Literature Review – 30 pages11. Background of the study12. Definition of terms – cited from scholarly sources onlyDo not use dictionaries to define research terms, these definitions should come from the research literature and scholarly sources. A paragraph introducing this section prior to listing the definition of terms is necessary.13. Study limitations 400 words – use at least 4 scholarly articles