Ad Analysis

analyze its depictions of male and female gender roles according to the following criteria: the ad I chose is Adriana Lima Teleflora Ad 2012 Super Bowl

Argument: State the ad’s depiction of gender roles.  Does it include strong women/men, men and women in respectful relationships, etc.  Does it include “losers,” “bitches,” “buddies,” and/or “hotties”? Or, how does it depict male/female athletes (i.e. are they reproducing or resisting traditional gender roles. For females, look for athletes displayed as athletes, sexy vixens, girls next door).
Graphics: Describe significant features of the ad’s composition, layout, color, style, scale, focus, etc. that pertain to the above gender roles. (Make sure to make note of the character’s/spokesperson’s body type, hairstyle, clothes, etc.) 
Language: Offer observations about tone, style, and length of text/dialogue. Again, how does the text relate to the gender roles displayed in the ad? How about the music?
Audience: Consider gender, age, economic status, lifestyle, etc. Do some research. Check out the price of the beer compared to other higher- and lower-end brands. Also, do a google search on the commercial. More than likely you’ll find articles in publications like AdWeek and Advertising Age.  What does this information add to your understanding of the ad? 

Criteria for Success
1. In the introduction, include a thesis sentence that clearly states the main point of
your analysis (i.e. the argument of the essay).
2. Consider all points of analysis, but focus mainly on one or two points, going in
detail to prove your thesis.
3. Use at least one quote from the assigned essays/film.
4. Use specific examples/criteria/points from the ad to help prove your thesis.
5. Use transitions, attributive tags, and APA in-text citations for quotations.
6. Include a Reference page with your final draft.