Adams media comparison

Please complete a short, 1-2 page analysis as a writing assignment over the following prompt.
PROMPT: Now that you have watched a visual interpretation of the events discussed in Adams’ letters, write a short comparison between the two versions of the text (primary source letters vs. secondary source film). Think critically about how the two texts compare (they are both considered “texts,” even though one is written and one is a film).
Think about the following questions in your short critical response (1-2 paragraphs):

What events/elements are represented accurately in the film, and which are missing? How do you know this and what evidence can you cite to support your claim?
How does the film portray John Adams’ voice/tone? Does it match what you read in the letters? What evidence from the text can you cite to support your claims?
What elements do you feel the film correctly portrayed, and what elements would you critique? Please cite at least 2 pieces of evidence from the text (in the form of quotes) in your analysis.