Adopting a Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is a concept you can apply in your academics and on the job. Its also a way to approach day-to-day life. Here are some examples of everyday situations in which you can consciously choose to respond with a growth mindset. Example 1: Your morning is full of the unexpected. You hit the snooze button too many times, resulting in waking up late for work. As you rush to get out the door to your job, you accidentally spill your coffee and have to take time to clean up the mess. Since you left your home later than usual, traffic is moving at a snails pace. A fixed mindset response would be grumbling about your crummy morning. A growth mindset response would be committing to waking up earlier and devising a more effective morning routine. Example 2: Most people like to be winners, and kids on sports teams are no exception. So when your daughter, who spent tireless hours in the backyard practicing her jump shot, makes 10 out of 15 shotsleading her basketball team in scoring on game dayyou can praise her by giving a fixed mindset response or a growth mindset response. A fixed mindset response would be Great game! Youre a spectacular athlete! A growth mindset response, by contrast, would be Great game! Your dedication, practice, and hard work were reflected in your performance tonight. In the Discussion forum, share some examples of how you can apply growth mindset in your daily interactions, either in a professional setting or in your academics. If you need help considering an example, you can choose one of the following: How do you handle a new project or task at work, home, or school? How do you embrace working in groups when you prefer to work independently? How would you react to your instructors suggestion to incorporate a data component into an assignment for your non-math-related course? What do you do when you dont understand something that everyone around you seems to have caught onto?

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