Advanced Business Strategy

For this assignment, you will assess what you have learned by answering questions and supporting each answer with a well-thought-through discussion based on the textbook.


1. Complete the assigned readings for this unit.

2. Answer the following questions in at least five pages, including an explanation supporting each of your answers:

  1. It has become ______ since uniform standards defining environmentally responsible company actions are rapidly being incorporated into our legal landscape.

    1. more and more difficult for firms to make “green” claims when their actions are not substantive or even true

    2. increasingly easy for firms to get away with placing “green” terminology on their products without any oversight

    3. customary for firms to use terms like “organic,” “green,” or “earth-friendly” when their products don’t warrant it

    4. more common for consumers to be cynical about corporate environmental claims

    5. impossible for firms to omit “green” terminology from their labels

  2. All of the following business actions are considered to be unethical EXCEPT which of the following?

    1. Moving jobs overseas

    2. Preventing environmental harm

    3. Overpricing

    4. Sexual harassment

    5. Insider trading

  3. The U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and a new provision in the Dodd-Frank financial regulation-law allows company employees who bring cases of financial fraud, such as bribery, to the government’s attention to receive ________ percent of any sum recovered.

    1. less than 10

    2. exactly 20

    3. up to 30

    4. about 40

    5. at least 50

  4. Japan is suffering from a decline in overall economic production

    1. due to its growing population.

    2. related to the declining age of its workforce.

    3. because of a surge in the number of its taxpaying workers.

    4. since worker productivity increases are not able to offset declines in the number of workers.

    5. because more and more women are working outside the home.