advertisement for water

please make an advertisement pamphlet but as save it as a word, not pdf thank you. and if possible if you can at least send it 5 min before the deadline thank youu

Evaluate the importance of water to all life on Earth.
Analyze the properties of water that make it unique.
Explain the bonding of water including hydrogen bonds and dehydration synthesis.
Describe the role of water as the universal solvent.
Explain the role of water in maintaining homeostasis.
Explore the relationship between water and pH.

The ad should be engaging for the audience and exemplify what you have learned about water and life. The ad should include an introduction that establishes credibility while framing the overall presentation. Facts, figures and statistics should be used to support claims when needed. Importantly, logical organization and transitions should be used throughout the ad. To ensure that your ad is visually appealing, select and place images carefully.