African American Literature Book “The Nickle Boys Essay”

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In no less than 2000 words (and no more than 2500), you will make a well-reasoned argument, supported by close reading, analysis, and reserach about your chosen text.
This MLA-formatted analytical essay will forwards an argument focused on a text that meets the stated criteria.
Note: The shorter formal pre-writing assignments should not be stitched together to assemble a Frankenstein’s paper. In this paper, you are asked to construct an argument that builds. You are not listing attributes of the work, nor are you making a general argument about the genre at large. Instead your argument should be specifically about your primary source. Remember, too, that this is a literature class, not a social science class; your argument should reflect as much. 
Here are student examples:

LARP Final Analytical Essay: Naomi Léon
MLA Example Literary Analysis
LARP Final Analytical Essay: God Help the Child

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