Aging and the Elderly

Paper Proposal for Research Paper

As part of the requirements for this course you have the option to write a research paper that addresses an existing social issue or problem within our society. If you are planning to write a traditional research paper and have not selected a research topic you need to begin researching a topic for your paper. Keep in mind that the topic you select must be an American social issue or problem.

In order to successfully complete this assignment you will need to provide a good overall description of your idea for your research paper, a possible thesis statement, four main points you plan on addressing in your research paper, a reference page of sources you are considering using and a copy of a research article you plan to use within your research paper.

You must meet the following criteria’s:

___ Present a description of your idea/topic. What is your idea for your research paper? (This description must be at least 150 words). You are beginning to build the introduction to the final course paper

___ Identify a possible thesis statement for your paper. Remember that a thesis statement reflects the position your paper will take and should include the dependent and independent variables for your paper. This will indicate the true focus of the paper.

___ Identify and explain four main points you plan on presenting in your paper. The explanation for each point should be at least five sentences and it is advisable to number each or your main points

___ Create a reference page of possible sources (at least 4 sources) you plan on using in your paper. As part of this requirement at least one of your references needs to be an academic research article and you must use the APA format to create your reference page.

___ The academic research article you listed on your reference page must also be attached to this assignment hence, you will be attaching two separate files when you submit your work (a word document/your proposal and a pdf file/the academic research article.

** Instructions for using the JSTOR database and formatting the references for the journal article will be emailed to the class

** You may select a creative topic but you may want to discuss this idea with your instructor before doing so.