American history

Create a substantive, discussion-based, thought provoking question about ANY of the readings from this week for your peers to answer.hould be an open-ended question asking your peers how they think/feel/believe about an issue, or whether they agree with something that happened in one of the readings. Do not post a question that is primarily content-related, e.g. who was the king of such-and-such or how did the Germans help during the Revolutionary War,or something along those lines.Each assignment should be a total of one page and consist of a half page summary and half page response. The total word count for the assignment must be at least but not much more than 300 words. You can double space, use a 12 point font, standard 1 inch margins, but I care more about the word count. Font should be something typical like Arial or Times New Roman The response should explain how you felt about the reading, if you connected with it on any level, and should attempt to connect the reading to something in the present day, whether a current event or your personal life if at all possible.