Amy Cuddy’s power posing research


Using Amy Cuddy’s power posing research, determine the key steps of the scientific method: 
1) Begin with a curiosity

What was the question that Dr. Cuddy was trying to answer?

2) Review of the Literature

Cite at least one example of previous research that Dr. Cuddy used to understand her question.

3) Develop a hypothesis/research questions

What were Dr. Cuddy’s research questions?

4) Methodology – the methods and procedures used to test the hypothesis. 

Please cite the following: 

Instruments/Materials Used 
Procedures she used to test her question

5) Analyze the evidence gathered in the research. 

What were the findings of Dr. Cuddy’s analysis?

6) Conclude whether the hypothesis was supported or not.

How did Dr. Cuddy believe that the results could be used by others?