An essay for English

It is almost impossible today to escape the influence of social media, even if you are not a regular Instagrammer or poster to Facebook. Most people own a smartphone, and many people own a smartphone, a computer, a tablet and countless other gadgets. You get refrigerators that keep track of what is in them and make a shopping list for you. Siri can take you anywhere or answer your questions. Alexa listens to your every word and cookies follow us no matter where we click. But is all of the technological dependence and online presence a good or a bad thing?

We will begin our discussion of Technology and Social Media by doing some reading in common and then you will do your own research in order to write an argumentative essay on the topic of whether technology or social media is a good thing or a problem. You will want to focus down on a single technological or social media element, looking in depth at a single thing–you can’t write about all of technology in a single, short essay, after all!

As you read, research, and discuss, the specifics of your research will come into focus and everyone in the class will have a different tweak on the topic. Some of you may write just about Facebook’s constant privacy issues while others may examine the use of Twitter by our current president. Others may look at the evolution of 3-D printing (can we really print a bomb or a gun or a human organ?), while some of you might look at how doctors are using robots to perform surgery. Everyone will find something of interest to them for certain.

Read the assignment directions AND ask questions about them.Brainstorm your topic–no rules, just write or draw or list or whatever gets your brain working on the topic.The 3 Rs = Read, Research and Read some more.DraftUse tutoring servicesRead aloud and proofread your workUse VeriCite to check your work and documentation. Remember, plagiarism is serious!Assignment Details

Essay needs to be 4-5 pages and include an arguable thesis statement (you cannot argue that Social Media has impacted our society–that is a “no duh” statement–go deeper into the subtleties of this idea).Essay needs to include research from at least four (4) reliable sources, including at least two (2) sources from the library’s databases.You must include correct in-text MLA citations–remember, every source listed in your works cited should be NAMED within the essay.You must include a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited page with all sources used in your essay.You must work with a tutor for Essay 2.You must use Turnitin to review your essay before submitting it to me for grading.Reminder: turning in your essay late? Use your NQA and follow the process for this late work policy!