Analysis of a Quality Improvement Program

26Jan 2022 by

This week the Final Project is designed to giveyou an opportunity to analyze a quality improvement program. You will analyzedata related to benchmarks and national standards and suggest two goals forinitiatives that address any deficiencies/opportunities in quality. Anticipatedoutcomes will also be identified, and appropriate time frames to re-evaluatedata and provide a new analysis will be addressed.
To prepare:
Read the case study Patient Safety at Grand River Hospital& St. Marys General Hospital. (I uploadedthe pdf document here)
Conduct an analysis of the case and write a 10- to 12-page (excludingtitle page and references) report including:

Data analysis against benchmarks and national standards
Observations about where quality improvements are needed
Goals for initiatives that address those deficiencies/opportunities in quality
Outcomes that are anticipated in order to accomplish the initiatives
Appropriate time frames to re-evaluate data and provide a new analysis. Justify your response