Analysis of myself as a teacher

Students will construct a comprehensivedescription of their development and characteristics as a teacher.  The assignment is intended to promotedeep critical thinking about theoretical and personal perspectives on theprocesses of teaching.  It will includean evaluation of the appropriate Maryland College and Career ReadinessStandards in their content area (or a facsimile) and the professional standardsestablished for their discipline.
Describethe vision of the type of teacher you are (or will be).  Address the influences that shaped the idealof what kind of teacher you want to be.  What are your characteristics that support you as ateacher?  What aspects of being a teacher don’t come easily to you?   How can your cultural experiences and livedexperiences both limit and enrich your ability to reach diverse students?   What are some basic tenets of yourteaching philosophy?   What metaphor/simile would you choose todescribe the role of a teacher?  How willyour beliefs about how students learn guide your teaching?  What are your impressions about how yourprofessional organization views teaching? What is your position about how theMaryland curriculum (or other relevant materials) are organized andstructured?   Use references to supportyour points.  This reflection should beat least three full pages in length