Analysis of the movie “contagion”

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ANALYSIS OF THE MOVIE CONTAGION – After watching the movie, answer the following questions: The rapid spread of a global infection as witnessed in Contagion is scary, but is it realistic? What if we really had a serious biological threat? It has been predicted that a serious biological threat will emerge by 2020. 1. How realistic do you think the movie was? Explain2. What country did the disease originate in? What types of animals did this virus develop in before it made the jump to humans? Who was the first person infected?3. What type of infectious agent was this, and what was its specific name?4. Explain the modes of transmission of this disease. 5. What are the signs and symptoms of the disease featured in this movie?6. How long did it take a person infected with this disease to develop symptoms? How long from time of exposure to death? 7. What was the role of the CDC in the film?8. What is the name of the worldwide organization that deals with the outbreak?9. Why was the blogger Alan Krumwiede considered such a threat? Explain.10. Dr. Leonora Orantes, a World Health Organization epidemiologist, was kidnapped . Why? Did the kidnappers get what they wanted? Explain.11. Before a vaccine can be developed, researchers need to find a way to grow the infectious agent in a laboratory. What was the problem with this microbe and what type of cell did researchers eventually find that allowed them to successfully grow the microbe in the lab?12. What did the movie teach us about infectious diseases and public health preparedness?Explain in a well developed paragraph. GRADING RUBRIC/ ANALYSIS OF MOVIE CONTAGION 1. Each question 1-11 addressed. 10 points 2. Discussion/analysis 1-11 was comprehensive based on movie/ well developed paragraph. 50 points3. Question 12- What the movie taught about infectious diseases and public health preparedness addressed and well covered (approximately 1 pages) 40 points. Must make 77/100 points for passing grad