Analysis paper

  • Cover page — should include your name and the prompt title and the course number
  • Typed and double spaced
  • Approximately 3 pages in length (could be up to 4)
  • Cite sources (text, any additional readings, any videos) using APA style
  • Read the prompt carefully and answer the prompt thoroughly
  • Use (and underline) the minimum number of concepts identified for each assignment.

Gestures and Movement:  Your textbook describes five different types of gestures and movements: emblems, illustrators, regulators, affect displays, & adaptors.  For each type, describe how context, setting, or culture might influence how people use or display those  gesture or movement (you will need to look at sources outside your text for this part).  Give specific examples and make sure you clearly explain how each example demonstrates the gesture or movement you are describing.  You are welcome to draw on some of your personal experiences but make sure you dont erroneously over-generalize that experience as true for everyone.  Use your text and any other materials from class in your response cite your sources in APA.