Analytical Memo-Order now from

Analytical Memo-Order now from
The parameters for your response are as follows:The response must be between 850-1150 words. Students that fall short of the required word count will receive a 10% deduction. 

You must cite a minimum of 3 scholarly sources– news media articles  do not count as scholarly sources, only peer reviewed journals, books,  etc. 
You must cite all sources clearly and consistently, regardless of the citation style you choose be sure to keep it consistent. 
You must include a works cited (not part of the word count) at the end. 
You response should include considerable reflection on the pertinent  course terms and concepts, failing to reference these consistently  throughout will result in a deduction.
In the following op-ed Dr. Patricia Williams, a prominent scholar of  race and law, argues for the continuing need for affirmative action. If  you were going to team up with Dr. Williams in a debate on the  importance of diversity-based policies, what scholarly argument would  you put forward in the debate? In your response, be sure to explore the  theories of identity that emphasize how important diversity is, and the  efficacy of diversity policies discussed in Sociological research.
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