Analyzing and evaluating the causes of the American Revolution using both primary and secondary sources

After reviewing the above sources, you should write an essay in which you do the following:

Identify the main arguments used by supporters and opponents of American independence and why each side thought their viewpoint was correct.
Identify the events portrayed in each of the three images and explain why they occurred, and combined with what happened after each event, show how the support for independence grew.

You should not limit yourself to discussing only these arguments and events; rather you should use them to help shape an analysis of various cause and effect relationships between the British and colonist actions. As you explore the cause-and-effect relationship, reflect on what you think is more important to the deteriorating relationship between the British government and the coloniststhe evolution of ideas about liberty and equality or changes in British imperial policy. Develop your thesis statement based on which factor you think was more important the coming of the Revolution.
In your introduction, provide background information on the deteriorating relationship between the British government and the colonists and state your thesis (i.e. state your view on the most important factor in the coming of the Revolution). In your body paragraphs tackle the bullet points. Though there are only two bullet points you will likely need three to five body paragraphs depending on how you organize your thoughts; a good paragraph contains one main idea and supporting evidence from the documents. In your conclusion, reiterate your thesis linking your conclusion to the primary sources discussed in your essay.