Analyzing Your Thinking

Length: 4-6 (full) typed pages this minimum does not include the work(s) cited page (which is still required)Format:   MLA standard format; 12 point Times New Roman font; double-spaced; standard marginsSubmission: 

Your first paper assignment is to write a 4-6 page essay analyzing your own thinking. You may choose one ofthe controversial topics about which you wrote in your journal (or you may select a new one). The topic youchoose should be a controversial topic. Examples of this would be: abortion; the death penalty; animal testing;or euthanasia (assisted suicide).In NO MORE THAN A PARAGRAPH, state what your position is. (One of the position statement paragraphsfrom your journal would be a good rough draft for this paragraph.) But that is not the real topic or focus of thispaper. For the body of the essay, and the real topic, analyze WHY you think that way and speculate on somepossible impediments in your critical thinking. You will want to base your analysis on categories and criterialike these: 
-Family background 
-Religious background 
-Your interpretation of justice or fairness 
-Past experiences 
-Experiences of othersInfluence of media or advertising on your thinking 
-Foundational or basic beliefs about the way the world works 

In other words, the focus of this assignment is first to briefly define your position on the topic and then toanalyze why and how you came to this point of view (not why you are right). As you examine your ownthinking, you should think critically about the processes which led you to your present point of view and therelated influences on your thinking. Remember not to revert back into describing or defending whatever yourposition is on the question at hand but to instead focus on an analysis of your thought processes related to thatposition.In addition, you should use any of the Impediments to Critical Thinking from Nosich (p. 16-25) that you thinkapply. You must use at least one quotation from Nosich and document it clearly. Any idea or concept fromNosich must also be properly documented. As a conclusion, step back and speculate on what this shows youabout your critical thinking in general and what you might need to do to recognize backgrounds andimpediments that will have an effect on your critical thinking. This paper is not just an exercise, but a veryimportant tool for you to develop as a critical thinker. Before you write, I would suggest applying the elementsof reasoning from Nosich (Ch. 2) to this assignment.Again, this paper is about WHY you hold an opinion not about what that opinion is, or why your opinion isright. What are the patterns or foundational beliefs or ideas that influence your thinking? How would youconnect these to other ways your own personal system of belief and reasoning influences your thinking?