BY WEDNESDAY (5 points)

Post a question or topic that you don’t understand….”My muddiest point this week is…..”, but specific!


Explore one of the following topics:

  1. How does exercise help maintain bone health?  Are all exercises created equal?
  2. How might space travel impact bone density over time?
  3. What is the influence of hormones on bone health?
  4. Nutritional advice for humans….who can’t absorb Calcium very well.
  5. Why don’t we keep growing taller forever?
  6. Help clarify the relationship between joint stability and joint mobility (this is a common “muddy point”).
  7. osteoporosis
  8. osteomyelitis
  9. Rickets
  10. Scurvy (include bone information)
  11. osteoarthritis
  12. Gout
  13. rheumatoid arthritis
  14. compound vs. simple fractures (what tissues are damaged in compound fractures?  what are some risks?)
  15. stress fractures
  16. fracture types (comminuted, oblique, spiral, transverse, greenstick)
  17. potts vs colles fractures
  18. epiphyseal fractures
  19. is it really less likely to break the same bone twice?  why or why not?  explain
  20. compression fractures in vertebrae, kyphoplasty
  21. bone development (review intramembranous bone formation)
  22. bone development (review endochondral bone formation)
  23. review cartilage types & growth patterns
  24. review movements at synovial joints (this could be a fun video to make)
  25. review the six types of synovial joint structures (this could also be a fun video topic)
  26. my amazing bone sketch” (could be a longitudinal view, cross-section or detailed osteon)
  27. my wonderful concept map” (create and share any concept map…make it as complex as you like, challenge yourself!)
  28. Draw a gomphosis (label mandible, tooth, fibrous connective tissue, as in periodontal ligaments, etc…and a Syndesmosis (label tibia; fibula; fibrous connective tissue)….what is the structural and functional classification for each of these tissues?