Annotated Bibliography

For this activity, you will complete an annotated bibliography for essay 3.  You will incorporate elements to bring it up to date for the Toulmin Argument essay. 

FOLLOW the SAME assignment as in lesson 2.

You will use the sources that apply to your Toulmin Analysis essay (one source is the text itself, citation example below); however, you will expand the focus of your research in two ways:

  1. to express the significance of the issue within the text
  2. to communicate your evaluation of the author’s argument about the issue.

Last, First. “Title of Text.” Moodle, Oklahoma City Community College, 4 Sep 2020,

 (You will need to put the actual date of the text and the actual copied and pasted URL link to the pdf file online for your citation.)

You may consider using one of the author’s sources if there is a particular point you want to make about its credibility or to include additional information from the source; however, you must end up with a minimum of three original sources that you will use in this essay.