Annotated Bibliography Assignment-Order now from

Annotated Bibliography Assignment-Order now from
For this assignment, you will provide an annotated bibliography for three peer reviewed Journal Articles as sources and provide the complete source information using APA 7 citation. The sources DO NOT include web pages, links or news sources, movies, documentaries, law review articles, or personal communication. Also, avoid reports and books for this assignment.  
To learn more about annotated bibliographies, consult the following link:

You may choose 1 Justice related topic from the below:
Police Discretion and the 4th Amendment (3 peer reviewed sources)
Stop & Frisk and Crime (3 peer reviewed sources)
Jury Decision Making (3 peer reviewed sources)
The impact of Witherspoon v. Illinois (death qualification) on jury decisions (3 peer reviewed sources)
The impact of Miranda (3 peer reviewed sources)

Do not simply paste the article abstract into your assignment and use it as your annotation. Each annotation should be a page in length. So, I am expecting full pages that are in Times New Roman size 12pt. font, double spaced, with 1-inch margins.
You should provide:
Please provide a summary of your topic prior to summarizing your articles. 

a summary of each article,
a discussion of the findings, as well as
evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each article for you annotations.

Assignment will process through a plagiarism detection program 
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