Annotated Bibs

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Please post MLA citations for two analytical sources related to any literature we’ve covered or that is in the book here and then provide two paragraphs each annotating them as follows. For more information see:
Source 1 Citation Information
–Summarize Source 1 in a paragraph.
–Analyze Source 1 in a paragraph.
Source 2 Citation Information
–Summarize Source 2 in a paragraph.
–Analyze Source 2 in a Paragraph
NOTE: Please do not use reference sources (e.g. Wikipedia,, etc).
Student note. I list the story on the book for you can choose which ever you would like to write “Kate choopin [The story of an hour]” “Anton chekhov[ The lady with the dog]” ” Charlotte perkins gilman [The yellow wallpaper]” ” Willa cather[A wagner Matinee]” “James Joyce [Araby]”