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1. New Zoning Codea. Quickly familiarize yourself with the City of LAs new zoning code:i. Skim the draft of the code uploaded to Blackboard.2. Zoning Roundtable Discussiona. Watch the AIA & LA City Planning Roundtable, New Zoning Code 201, on the citysnew zoning code:i. As you watch, note down issues that the architects on the panel have aboutthe new code relative to work of designers and their desired degree ofagency in the built environment.List Themes – Use clear titles/subtitles and bullet points to list and categorize theissues the architects on the panel have with the new code.b. Speculate on the nature of the relationship between urban planning and designrelative to the roundtable discussion. How are these professions allied and whereare they at odds? What are their shared values relative to the physical design of our Get To Know You Assignment Page 2communities? Are there values architects have that are detrimental to communitydesign? Are there values urban planners hold that are detrimental to physicaldesign? Discuss in paragraph form and be specific!_________________________________________________________